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I've told people about FanHandler already. It is working so well. Our second floor is now only 1 degree different from the first floor compared to 7 or 8 degrees last year. We have also only burned 1/4 tank of oil so far compared to more than half a tank by this time last year. What a great investment!

Terryville, CT

Michael B Vallandingham

I hear we (Carrier) installed some of the FanHandler's recently and our team was pleased with the performance. I am interested in getting some costs, lead times etc. Thanks!


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Paul Whittaker

Hi Dick,
Have ecMModulator control installed and running for several days now. Wow, what a control. Love it. Removes humidity much better. Cannot wait to try in heating. I am a believer and will sell this unit where ever I can.

Paul Whittaker