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Dick Peters - To Norbert

Hi Norbert -

I've revised one of our spec sheets covering the 120 and 240 volt models of the FanHandler controls to include the 277 volt models. This reflects our understanding as to where we are in the ETL listing process. My assumption is that we are very close. As you are aware, we are developing these controls at Carrier's request. Thus, these controls are not in our standard line.

Mike Curran

Hi Dick,

Can you send me the most current price list? I have been "chewing on the ears" of some of my fellow Contractors about your product and finally I think I have gotten thru to one of them!
I would like to send price list to him. He sells quite a few of the AprilAire 5000's and I have been telling him just how well a FanHandler would improve the performance of these products!

Mike Curran

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Joe Couture

I can’t believe I’ve been in this business for 16 years & I never read up on the Fanhandler. This is truly a very much needed item in our business. I use & recommend the ECM to my customers. Where does the Fanhandler fit in there?
I’m thinking the Fanhandler should be used for low ambient control instead of a low ambient bulb w/ cut out & cut in for commercial systems. Am I correct?
I have to order direct from  you, correct?

Thank you very much for all the info. Do we have to use a credit card or do you take electronic checks?

Joe Couture

Shawn Woodrow

You're welcome, but its easy to support you when you make a great product. So thank you for a great product and great support.

Shawn Woodrow

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Dan Koch

Morning Dick,
Having been blessed so far this spring with El Nina induced, Seattle-like weather (high of 47 today with drizzle), we've had plenty of opportunity to try out the one LA-240 we bought awhile back and the techs love it! Please send two (2) more and bill to the credit card info you have on file. While you're at it, do you think you could build a weather transmorgifier?

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