Hi Norbert -

I've revised one of our spec sheets covering the 120 and 240 volt models of the FanHandler controls to include the 277 volt models. This reflects our understanding as to where we are in the ETL listing process. My assumption is that we are very close. As you are aware, we are developing these controls at Carrier's request. Thus, these controls are not in our standard line.
These 277 volt units are now being evaluated for ETL listing under UL 508. Interested persons might want to look through our website www.fanhandler.com. From our home page, click on products, then Furnaces with A/C and watch the flash presentation to follow the FAC-277 control's action.

The model will be: FAC-277. We don't have the amperage rating yet, but it will be much higher than your motors. At least five amps and most likely higher. Our triac is rated at 600 volts 25 amps.

at any time, interested persons can call me at 888-522-5151, I'll be glad to discuss anything concerning the control with them.

If you have any questions, I'll be glad to help.

Best regards,
Dick Peters, P.E./CM
FanHandler Inc.