ecMModulator 4 Package

ECM4 with sensor

The ECM Modulator kits are a great way to upgrade any furnace or air handler from a PSC or x13 motor to a high efficiency ECM. These ECM 4 controls provide unbeatable efficiency, comfort, noise reduction, and indoor air quality. They can be used to quickly and easily upgrade *nearly any make/model of furnace, Heat pump, or Air Handler on the market.  


With the ECM Modulator installed, your customers will notice vastly improved comfort; while experiencing improved indoor air quality, noise reduction, and energy efficiency.

This system has been designed to improve the overall performance of any existing Heat Pump or Furnace, to compete with or exceed the performance of modern equipment, at a fraction of the cost.

  *Note: May not be compatible with some communicating systems.
Blower speed reduction

Even small reductions in fan speed can achieve big energy savings. The ECM 4 controls provide impressive energy savings by intelligently adapting the fan speed to the temperature of the air being delivered to the home. This greatly reduces the average energy consumption during the times that ambient conditions do not require full speed operation. While many manufactures are starting to adopt variable speed systems, FanHandler is the only one that actually monitors the delivered air temperature. This allows us to safely run the blower at much more efficient speeds.

Blower motor upgrade

The ECM4 kit upgrades a systems existing PSC or x-13 style motor, to a high efficiency ECM. With an ECM 4 installed. Many systems will see savings of 30% or more.

For more information about how our systems improve efficiency check out our Energy Savings Page

Air Destratification

The ECM 4 provides unbeatable comfort by gently and continuously mixing the air, eliminating hot and cold spots in the home. This keeps temperatures even from room to room, and from floor to ceiling.

Smooth fan speed changes

These controls didn’t earn the nick name HVAC whisperer for nothing. The ECM 4 kits achieve drastically reduced blower noise by gently ramping up the blowers speed to only what the system requires. Reduced speed means quieter air flow, and the smooth ramp means no more waking up the baby with that loud gust of air when the system comes on. These kits also replace the blower motor with an ultra quiet ECM that runs silently, so the only sound you hear is the air, that is now gently moving through the ducts.

Countinous filtration

While most systems only make use of your air filter, electronic air cleaner, or UV Light while there is a need for heating or cooling. The ECM 4 is designed to run continuously, but a greatly reduced speed. This maximizes the air purifying power of these devices because they are always in use, and the reduced air flow means they are working at peak efficiencies. Check out our Indoor Air Quality video to learn more

Unbeatable humidity reduction

In many parts of the country high humidity can be a big problem. Proper humidity control can be very complex. It requires the perfect balance of air flow and cooling, to maximize the humidity reduction of a heat pump or AC unit. If the fan is running too fast, the system cannot properly dehumidify, but if it runs too slow you risk damaging the system. Many contractors will do their best to set the fan speed just right to keep you comfortable and your system safe, but with ever changing conditions this is not an easy task. But don’t sweat; let the ECM 4 take care of it. The ECM 4 makes this easy, as it continuously monitors the actual temperature of the delivered air, and adjusts the fan speed many times per second. This allows us to achieve greater humidity reduction than any other system, period.

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Kit includes

ECM4 revD kit Web2

  • The ECM 4 Control
  • Top of the line 1/2 hp ECM motor 
    (1/3 hp, 3/4 hp and 1 hp also available)
  • Tempreature Sensor
  • 120/240 volt cable
  • Control Cable
  • Instruction booklet (not pictured)
  • FanHandler 5 Year Warranty and 60 day money back guarantee.

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  • I have had one of your ecMModulators and EMC motors running in my HVAC system for about 16 months now.
    In general, I am delited by the performance and flexibility your unit provides in my system.
    Paul Matraszek.